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The Gong legacy 1.3, hopefully decently editied edition
Happy Cat
I want to get this generation over with, so I can post an heir poll. ( DON'T JUDGE ME! >.>)

This generation begins with the quads birthday party. I have no idea why the hell Elira is running out of the room crying.
Partyguest are Jasper hjsnapepm, Lindsay chloriinated, Dollie bondchick_nett and (unpictured here) Valerius brilliantcat.

It's Sunday so all the teens will be grilled cheese sims.

I apparantly forgot to take a picture of Gezime's stats. The are: Grilled cheese. + Formal wear and werewolfs, - servos.

It's the first time for me to have a water wiggle. I love it.

I appreciate the effot, Diellza, but your mom was about to cook. Admittetly she's decided to smear the insides of the walls with food instead.

Not like there was a lot of electric objects to get rid of.

Mahjong doesn't count, right?

Wow, they act civillized O.O

Seriously, who comes up with this stuff?

Vlora: "Look, mom A+!"
Cyntie: "Look, Vlora, no paycheck!" *stares at wall*

I don't know how it in other countries but when I was a kid, how entusiastic and interesting your presentation was to the other kids didn't matter at all, to anyone. You were doing this for the teacher. Apperantly, Simcity demands great involvement and learning enthusiasm from it's kids.

Being the marble hero and the marble sidekick is exhausting work.

Guys, I know the comics, movies and cartoons rarely show the heros and sidekicks going to the bathroom, but they (and you) have to pee, like everyone else.


Now, this looks more like the Gong family.

They had enough money to buy clothes for the teens. And this is what they see when entering the community lot.
The kissers are Orville and Ottilla javabean_dreams and they voyures are Chris frouwke and Daniyell upendoaushi


Vlora. (The snow is outside, not inside. I just suck at taking proper makeover pictures)

Gezime. I ran out of money for clothes :( And another exaple of bad makover picture :Þ


Even their games involve hitting.

Diellza, can't you wait one more minute?

Oh, gross. Cyntie, sop pimping the delivery girl to your teenage daughters. They're not moving out right now!

Homework day!

Another difficult day for the marble hero?

I bet you wish it wasn't snow day, huh?


Why are you growling at Vlora?

Do you have to wear a diaper?

Community lot fight!

Heh, also forgot stats here. Yllka's stats are: Romance, + Beards and makeup, - glasses.

Those two are stll going strong.

Kind of. And they got middle-aged makeovers.

Lüluezime: "What htis family needs is another child for me to torment"
Elira: "Uhm, I'm not sure about that (pleasedon'tkillme!)"

The cockroacher won't go away if you try to step on them. And they give you the PLAGUE!

With more free time to not worry about their kids's basic needs, Cake and Cyntie went on a date. As you can see, it went well.

Well, duh!

The one bathroom rule is hell for this family.

Grilled cheese all around. Even in your nose and eyes!


The cake is reaching her expiration date quickly!

Dont't you all fall over each other in well-wishing!

Whata wonderful birthday present to your mother.

Enjoying hte smell, Vlora? XD

I got nothing.


I can't belive they all survived! You guys amaze me.

I can't really stay mad at you now.

Just don't break the door.

Well, that's easy.

It as time to ship the quads to collage and look, Vlora even got scholarship!


So cute!

What kind of a game analogy did she use for a history report? I seriosuly have no idea.

Diellza was really bad at skipping school .That's why she didn't get into University. Thankfully, a day of school fixed it right up.

Won't get that LTW fullfilled though.

Becoming old made her lose one bolt for Cyntie :(

No more grilled cheese. I bet the twins ae relived.

Work that sexy, striped underwear!

Cake and Cntie really just don't care about their kids's grades.

A sim with grilled cheese as secondary aspiration will not banish the cheese!

Didn't stop her from becoming a spleaunker (whatever that is).

That dance is hilariously unfitting for jazz-music.

Another outing, another psexual conquest for Orville. This time it's Nellie by lauriethemuppet

I think Piper aijux had something a little stronger than alcohol before wneturing tho the Crypt O Night club.

... What are you doing, Elira.

Yes, yes, cockroaches. Awful, awful.

This "meal" amuses me endlessly. Now all they need are those face cups

Are you the one who keeps kicking those trashcans! A POX ON YOU. AND THE PLAGUE!

Algeron backerbse came home with Elira and Yllka. Sadly, he's gay :(

.... Or really, really into older women.

"Heeeeey, little girl. I was starting to miss you. Why haven't you come to school lately?"


More school friends. This time Stephanie jens_sims and Jasper pohtaytohs (who is straight!)

I had Cake influence him to flirt, but they did nothing else romantic :C

!Old Cyntie is old.

They threw an anniversary party. It was mostly just the kids though. And Jasper and Lee Eun Hee apayo_x

Diellza: "They are making a movie about my sister!"

Despite stinky guest and aspiration failiure, a good time was had by all.

O.o Have you really played chess that much?

I would rather have liked you brought home some simolens.

You did? Huzzah!

And the twins head of to college!

Torch-Holders(founders/heirs): 1
Perma-Plat Sims: 0
Aspiration failures/Shrink visit: 8
Social Bunny Visits: 0
Fires: 0
Self-Wettings: 11
Pass-Outs : 13
Fights: 9
Deaths: 0
Social Worker Visits: 0
Alien Abductions: 0

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I just started reading your Legacy (bored and feeling craptastic so I am finding random Legacies to read) and I just loooove Elira's hair, and all the pointy earness. I can't stop giggling. ONWARDS TO READING!

I'm glad you like my legacy, thank you very much for reading :D

Mmhmm! It's always nice to find a gem amongst the bunches of legacy stories out there. ^_^

Aw, thank you, that's so sweet of you to say :D

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