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Happy Cat

Sizza Crazyfingers the Derplegacy Master.

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Nouk's Wavy Hair Retextrured
Happy Cat

Nouk's wavy hair mesh retextured using Ninika's textures. Mesh is not included, but you can get it here.


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The hair looks great, but people will be more likely to download it if the sim wasn't so scary.

Thanks. I'll take note of using more "vanilla" sims in the future XD

I love interesting and different sims. She is just a little scary. XD

I dunno. I've never liked this mesh all that much, so I won't be grabbing this download, but the model caught my eye. She's, um, striking. Is she related to Nervous Subject at all? I actually really did laugh out loud when I saw her. Those rat teeth! That horse face! Amazing!

I think it might be a bit easier to get an idea of how the hair looks if I wasn't totally distracted by the model, though. Maybe if you had two models, and one of them was fascinatingly ugly and the other was just a little unusual-looking, it would work better.

Haha, I never thought she looked like Nervous but you're right, she does. She's not related to him at all, she's a pixeltrade offspring.
I'll stop using such extreme models in the future XD

I think this texture looks fantastic on this hair mesh! And the model is wonderful, very cute even if she's not ideal.

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